The Cup of Galfar is a unique fairytale, an adventure novel, and a hair-raising scary story all in one! From the very first page, the reader rockets through a whole kaleidoscope of wondrous, strange, and intriguing events. The main character, Allie, embarks on a dangerous journey through the fantastical country Ameron in order to rescue her parents. Allie makes new friends, encounters treacherous villains, and uncovers the secret of her birth which had been hidden from her all along...

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«When we ran out of children’s books to read at our house, I began to invent a fairy-tale to entertain my small daughters. It was just a fun game at first.
 But little by little I got into it. I kept mulling over the storyline and over time I worked out various unexpected twists and turns. The characters seemed to have assumed a life of their own as they did things that even I had never anticipated. I realized that the story was begging to be put on paper, so I pulled out a thick school notebook and sat down at my desk.»

 In early 1995 Alderosa’s Daughter, the first volume of The Cup of Galfar series, was released. We organized a small print run in Voronezh, Russia, and it didn’t go unnoticed. Two local newspapers gave positive, even rave, reviews. Unfortunately, the book remained virtually unknown to the general reader interested in this genre. Today we are trying to fill in this gap, offering you an electronic version of the book.

Alexander Pererva
Moskovskiy Prospekt 32A
Voronezh, Russia 394026

Praise and Testimonials

The Cup of Galfar is an exciting read for adults and children alike. Enjoy the adventure!

«Your fairy-tale is impossible to put down even for a minute. I’d love to read the sequel, and, if there’s a sequel to part 2, I’d like to read parts 3, 4, 5…»

«I wish that every kid could read your book!»

«Alexander Pere is the most wonderful storyteller. The book is full of interesting episodes, the flying ship being one of the best»

«I read your story twice. Great imagery…»

«Please write part two!!!»

«I’m very interested to know what happens next to Lu and Lemonade, and whether Allie returns to her friends»

«The author created two countries. One is the country of his dreams, the other — a complete opposite. I would like it very much if The Cup of Galfar series were continued»

«When you read The Cup of Galfar you feel like you are one of the characters in the story…»

Alexandr Vinogradov

This excellent book will introduce you to incredible adventures and amazing experiences. No matter whether you’re an adult or a kid, you will definitely find it exciting!
It was a fun and interesting task to work with the world and the characters of the book. I hope that The Cup of Galfar, as well as its illustrations, will touch the hearts of its readers!

Anna Gandy
Translator into English

For me as a reader The Cup of Galfar brought back the best memories of my book-reading childhood, as it is written in the best traditions of the classic Russian and world adventure and fantasy novels. The author, whose writing style is simple but succinct and rich, creates a world (that is, several worlds!) behind the lines of text. It draws you into the story so that you begin to witness the fascinating adventures as if invisibly present there. For me as a translator this was an exciting challenge – to try to convey all of the charm and integrity of the style and storyline to the English reader. I cannot describe the book as exclusively young-reader-oriented. Like other worthy specimens of the genre, it will be of interest to adult readers as well. The Cup of Galfar will definitely become part of our family book collection. I am a bit jealous of my own kids who are yet to discover the wonderful world of this book!

Jeanne Guker
Translator into French

It was a very exciting task to work on the translation of this book. The mixing of different language levels and the author’s particular gift in certain nature descriptions and other genre pieces was of special interest to me despite the inevitable translation challenges. The Cup of Galfar has be illustrated. I feel that this is inevitable – the author himself paints as he writes.

Digital Agency

We are excited about the opportunity to contribute to the release of The Cup of Galfar book. Our job is to develop digital products. However, this was a unique and amazing experience, getting to create a book and then read it to our own kids at bedtime!

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